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Hi, my name is Veronika.


I’m a radical feminist, designer, illustrator, and one of the founders of the feminist group KazFem.


Inspired by the topic of female friendship, I created a series of notebooks. I have many wonderful female friends; I am surrounded by examples of strong female friendship, and I think that there is nothing more profound or more beautiful than these relationships.

I collaborate with FemMerch because I love the Eve’s Ribs project – I’ve participated in it myself and it’s elevated our group (based in Almaty) to a new level.

I don’t earn money from these notebooks, because I want all proceeds to benefit the Eve’s Ribs space. I am very grateful to anyone who supports this endeavour.


Bella Rapoport ( came up with the phrase ‘Girls are a girl’s best friend’.

‘Girls are a girl’s best friend’ notebook

RUB 170.00Price
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